La Derma Lift ‘n’ Lite (Three For Me)

Lift ‘n’ Lite employs the two most advanced light energy treatments, IPL and Fractionated Laser, to target the three most stubborn effects of ageing: pigmentation, red veins and wrinkles.

First, an IPL treatment clears superficial redness and sun damage from the skin. This is immediately followed by a Fractionated Laser session that will target deeper pigmentation and redensify the dermis to result in a plumper, smoother, tighter appearance. A mini kit of professional skincare is provided afterward to ensure perfect healing. A visible improvement is noticeable after just the first treatment, however we recommend a course of about 4 for lasting rejuvenation.

This therapeutic approach is supported by Cynosure, Canada’s leading laser specialists and La Derma’s research mentors. Their pioneering Three For Me method is designed to target:

1-brown spots,

2- vascularity,

3-wrinkles/skin laxity in a gentle treatment with minimal downtime. This results in a non-ablative combination of IPL and laser that goes after deep damage but leaves the surface of the skin intact. The relatively short downtime provides long-term benefits- improvements can be seen for up to a year later.

Three For Me Vancouver Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Have This Treatment?

Anyone with visible freckling, brown spots, broken veins, wrinkles and lax skin can have a La Derma Lift ‘n’ Lite. However, since this treatment employs IPL, it is less suitable for skin types darker than a Mediterannean olive tone. For darker skins, Fractionated Laser Resurfacing alone is a better option. In either case, skin should not be recently sun-tanned (as this constitutes a thermal injury).

What Does It Feel Like?

The IPL part can feel like a mild snapping feeling against the skin, however a cooling gel is used to minimize that sensation. The Fraxionated Laser part can feel warm and prickly, and an anesthetic is used prior to treatment. In all, an easily tolerable treatment.

How Long Does It Take?

90 mins is set aside for photos to be taken pre and post procedure, the numbing process, the therapy itself and the application of specialized skincare afterward.

What’s The Healing Process Like?

Skin can will be pink, puffy and warm directly after your treatment, but the vast majority of this resolves within 2-4 hours. A residual sensation resembling a mild sunburn can remain for 2-3 days. During this time, it is crucial to use the skincare kit provided by your aesthetician. Skin can take on a bronzed look for up to 10 days post-treatment, and sun damage will darken. Eventually, this dead skin can be gently exfoliated away, leaving a brighter, firmer look.

Can I Wear Makeup And Use My Creams As Per Usual?

It is best to let the skin breathe post treatment, but if necessary, light makeup can certainly be applied if returning to work. The skincare kit your aesthetician provides will help you care for your skin in the days following, and gentle exfoliation can be performed as old dead skin moves to the surface. Any skincare products containing vitamin A (eg Tazorac, retinols, Retin-A), acids (AHA’s/BHA’s), or large percentages of Vitamin C should not be used for a full 7 days prior to and after these treatments. Daily use of SPF 30 is essential when having a La Derma Lift ‘n’ Lite.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on your natural skin colour, the degree of damage you have, and your age. Younger, lighter- skinned clients with fewer brown spots /red veins / wrinkles can take higher energy, need fewer treatments and may heal quicker due to their age. Older, darker-skinned clients with extensive damage must have lower-energy sessions, and possibly more of them, and may have a naturally slower healing response. Your aesthetician will assess your skin thoroughly and plan your Lift ‘n’ Lite course in accordance with what is best for your skin type.