I believe in and enjoy my work. Often, people’s first reaction to what I do is divided.

helenThey either say, “Oh, that’s so cool, tell me more” or “I would never do anything like that. I’ve earned every wrinkle.”

I would like to share my view of Aesthetic Medicine.

Yes, Aesthetic Medicine includes:

  • Botox to relax muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and brow,
  • Fillers to replenish lost volume to cheeks and lips, and
  • Lasers to bring back a more radiant complexion, however,

Aesthetic Medicine is also about using modern technology and science for…

…treating the individual whose face gets so red from Rosacea that they avoid social situations because they are embarrassed by it….and getting results

…treating the individual who believes their acne scars are so bad that it affects their personal and social life…and getting results

…treating the individual whose burn scars have them believing that people view them as unapproachable or ugly…and getting results

…treating the individual whose face is so masked by brown patches that they no longer see themselves as the beautiful person they are…and getting results

…treating the individual whose body is so covered in stretch marks they only get dressed in the dark because they can’t stand the sight of their own skin…and getting results

Aesthetic Medicine is also about educating people so they can make informed decisions and be full participants in the restoration, rejuvenation and protection of the health of the largest organ in their body, their skin. Once this is achieved, Aesthetic Medicine is also about teaching people how to maintain their skin’s health for life.

In Closing:

It has been my observation, through 20+ years in advanced skin care, that when people feel better about themselves they like themselves more, and it’s easier to find their beauty within.

Once this happens, a cascade of beautiful events begins to happen. People become more open and approachable, they smile more, they are happier, and their relationships become easier and more joyful.

If I can affect one person this way through my work then, this to me is the “ultimate beautiful”. If this “ultimate beautiful” is achieved through Botox, Fillers or Laser Therapy – Why not?

Helen Taraviras Zambus, RN
La Derma Skin Health and Laser Clinic