Introducing the new range of Rapid Radiance treatments for the twenty-something, on-the-go client. To prep your skin for the party season, choose from:

a light IPL for texture and tone,

a gentle peel for a refreshing exfoliation,

or a mini Exilis to brighten and revitalise your skin.

With none of the downtime of longer sessions, these modified treatments can be performed during your lunch-time and provide that picture-perfect look right before your event.
Received regularly as a course, these treatments provide preventative, regenerative effects that hold off the first signs of aging.

Why not just a regular session of IPL, peels, or Exilis?

Full length sessions often require resting the skin, sun protection, and optional mineral makeup if returning to work. Pigment and vascularity may initially appear darker before they fade away. Rapid Radiance is designed to briefly invigorate the skin deep down so the only visible effect is a fresh glow, and make up and activities can resume as per normal. No party-pooping!

Is a gentler approach really worth the effort?

For younger clients, absolutely! In fact, little and often is clinically proven to be the most effective for long-term anti-aging effects, with an immediate glow. Think of it as exercise for your skin!

So how does it work?

All the Rapid Radiance energies create the same effect in different ways; by promoting collagen and elastin production in the dermis and improving blood circulation. A slow but sure improvement is seen in lines, wrinkles, contours and acne scars. This healing effect in the dermis encourages cell turnover in the epidermis, which smooths texture and decreases pigment.

So which one of the Rapid Radiance treatments is for me?

Based on your skin tone, texture and regimen, your aesthetician can help you decide which one of the Rapid Radiance treatments would benefit your skin. You can even mix and match to experience your preferred treatment.

How many Rapid Radiance treatments will I need?

A single treatment is great for an immediate boost, but to really refresh the dermis and improve skin metabolism, a course of 5 sessions at two weeks apart is recommended.