We’re thrilled to be offering Dermapen here at La Derma. And we’re even more excited by the results our clients are getting from combining Dermapen treatments with Redensity1.

Dermapen3, or microneedling, is great for tightening, lifting and rejuvenating the skin. It’s cost-effective, non-invasive, and non-injectable.

Rendensity1 is an award-winning, injectable rejuvenation treatment containing an infusion of eight amino acids, three antioxidants, two minerals, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and one vitamin that are all naturally present in the skin. It restores your skin’s hydration, luminosity, and tone.

Together, these two treatments become even more effective and are what we call MesoBoost Needling. Thanks to Dermapen’s microneedling treatment it’s possible for Redensity1 to be fully and evenly distributed into your skin without any injections. Your skin gets the benefits of microneedling and a higher concentration of the Redensity vitamin and mineral complex, leaving it fresher, brighter and firmer.

What to expect from MesoBoost Needling treatments?

We generally recommend three to four treatments about 3 weeks apart each, but treatment recommendations vary depending on individual skin concerns. For one to three days after each treatment your skin may be red and feel hot – though most symptoms disappear within the first 24 hours – and you’ll experience a warm, tight, sunburned feeling. That’s a good thing as it means your skin is producing collagen and elastin.

MesoBoost Needling can be safely undertaken during the summer as it can be performed on tanned skin and it also helps the skin recover from accidental dehydration caused by exposure to sun and heat. It’s important to apply lots of hydrating emollient moisturizer after each treatment and, as always, we recommend you use an SPF 30 daily during the summer – and it’s especially important to reapply sun protection every two hours when your skin is being exposed to the sun.

Intrigued by MesoBoost Needling? Contact us for a consultation to find out what we’d recommend for your skin!

Special Offer: When you book a MesoBoost Needling package between now and July 5th, 2017 you’ll receive $100 off/treatment.