The perfect pick-me-up with zero downtime!

Roundabout our 30th summer and afterward, we may notice that our cheeks aren’t as high as they used to be, maybe there’s a little laxity on the neck, a droop under the chin, or a shadow beneath the eyes that no amount of highlighter or clever powder contouring seems to remedy.

So how do we seriously address this, especially during the summer months, when nearly everything seems to compromise the epidermis and rely on post-care guidelines that often interfere with summer plans?

Enter our Exilis Elite RF – the number one no-downtime option for lifting contours and sagging skin! 

Used both for fat reduction and skin tightening, Exilis Elite feels like a warm massage but is in fact a profoundly rejuvenating radio frequency (RF) treatment.

As you lie dozing off or chatting about holiday plans, your dermis responds to this therapy by preparing fresh batches of collagen and elastin fibres that redensify and tighten your skin.

The result? Pretty, brightened skin with lifted facial and neck contours. 

Many clients notice a difference after their first 30 minute RF facial treatment, but for lasting collagenesis, a course of treatments at approximate two week intervals always achieves best results.

So get things off the ground and keep them there!

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Purchase a package of five RF Facials during August and receive your sixth treatment on us!