The most wonderful time of the year can also gift havoc to your skin. Holiday cocktails, late night parties, rich (and delicious!) foods and extra stress often leave their mark on your complexion. While professional skin care treatments and laser therapy are fantastic for resolving many of these holiday skin stressors, the downtime required between and after therapies may not be the best fit immediately before glamming up for festive fun.

The simplest ways to minimize the holiday skin blues is to be a little extra conscious of basic care regimens with some simple preventative measures to address hydration, diet and rest.

1. Hydration: The harsh, wintry weather season alongside indulgences like alcohol and extra rich foods can really dry out your skin. The better shape your skin is in at the start of the holiday season, the better you will look throughout. If you haven’t already been doing so, now is the time to increase the moisture level in your skin. A lot of the skin stress that appears during the holidays can be a result of lack of moisture. Ensuring your moisturizer is working for your skin can be one easy preventative measure you can start now. We love the Linacare moisturizing products, which deliver optimal moisture to the skin and keep it there longer than any other product. Linacare moisturizers also have the bonus benefits of being non-greasy, fragrance free, colour-free, hypoallergenic and fast absorbing!

2. Diet: The food choices you make during the holidays can affect your skin’s appearance. Indulgences are definitely allowed – we all look forward to the occasional special holiday treat this time of year – but try to enjoy the extra goodies in moderation. Treat yourself to your favourite holiday foods, but be aware that many treats are loaded with extra sugars and fat that can make your skin look less than its best. When you’re healthy and eating right, your complexion is usually clearer and the right nutrition can help develop your natural glow. Be sure to mix in some fresh and colorful veggies for some added vitamins A and C for healthier skin along with foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce redness and preserve collagen. Great sources of omega 3’s include fish like salmon and tuna and a variety of nuts. We love ZO’s Daily Power Defense as an all-in-one moisturizer with both vitamin A and C!

3. Rest: This might be the toughest preventative measure during what is typically a jam-packed season of activities, parties, visitors and fun. A good night’s rest will help keep the puffiness down and your eyes a little less red. If you just can’t get the shut-eye needed to keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, cold packs can be a quick fix to reduce some of the effects of late night holiday fun. And be sure to check out our featured blog all about bringing the sparkle back to your eyes!

Once the holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to visit us for some recovery and rejuvenation. Start the new year right and contact our team of skin care specialists now to book the treatments you need to jump into 2017 with healthy, nourished and glowing skin.