April is Rosacea Awareness Month so we wanted to share some info on what rosacea is and what treatments and products can help manage this skin condition.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the face. In the early stages it causes easy flushing or blushing and as it progresses the redness may become permanent as the small blood vessels of the face dilate. It can also include small, red, acne-like bumps or pustules. And though it looks like a bad case of acne, it’s actually a chronic illness that alternates between flare-ups and remissions at intervals of a few weeks to a few months. The cause of rosacea is unknown and if it’s not treated it tends to get worse over time.

If you suspect you may have rosacea your physician or dermatologist will be able to confirm a diagnosis and recommend treatment for you.

Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for rosacea but you can track what triggers rosacea flare-ups and try to lessen or avoid them.  In addition, at La Derma we offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), a non-surgical procedure which can manage both the lesions often associated with the redness and reduce the redness with the goal of having a person’s face flush with less intensity.

The correct skincare products can also help with rosacea symptoms as it’s important that rosacea sufferers adopt a gentle skincare routine. We recommend C-Bright and Cebatrol pads from ZO  and Serum Vitae and Code 4 by Celazome.

So if you suspect or worry you may have rosacea why not get it checked out this April in honour of rosacea awareness month? And feel free to book a consultation with us at any time to discuss any worries you have about your skin, or treatments you’re interested in learning more about.