We are lucky to be living in an age with so many advancements in science.

We are living longer, healthier lives and with the advancements in lasers our outer appearance has had the chance to catch up with the vivacity we feel on the inside. With the use of lasers, light and other energy based devices we can tighten our skin, make it brighter and more even toned. We can reduce hair, reduce wrinkles, reduce scarring, reduce stretch marks, reduce pigment and broken capillaries. We can improve skin texture and tone, stimulate new collagen growth and bring back and/or maintain a youthful, healthy, vitality and glow to our skin.

woman-shoes-LaDerma-BlogThere are many lasers out there and many people who provide these treatments, however, many of these providers have no medical background what-so-ever.

Why is it necessary to have a medical background and understand medicine?

Simply, to avoid complications! And if complications do arise, to know both what to do and what not to do.

The practitioner needs to understand your medical history and any medications and/or supplements you may be taking to avoid complications with laser therapy. Yes, even laser hair removal is laser therapy. It is not usually recommended to have these treatments if you have a tan, or are planning on being in the sun soon after treatment. And if you have darker skin, more precautions must be taken.

What else should you know about lasers and what questions should you ask of the provider?

It is important to know what kind of devices are being used and whether or not these devices were purchased used or new? Are they being serviced regularly?

How much training has the practitioner had? – this goes for medical and non-medical practitioners as well. Are they simply performing a treatment on your skin because they have a goal to reach or a payment to make? Or, are they willing to refer you to another practitioner who has a different device that may be better suited to your particular issue?

With the allure of a profitable business venture, almost anyone with enough cash can buy a cheap laser on the used market, hire a technician with a weekend certificate and fire away on your skin!

All Laser Therapy Groupons are NOT Created Equal

And with all the Laser Therapy and Medispa Living Social Coupons and Groupons out there – this has become a very serious issue.

The risk at the low end, is paying for treatments and not seeing results and at the high end, it’s potentially having scars from being burnt. This could happen, and is not limited to, the practitioner being unqualified, not careful, using poor equipment or poor judgement, didn’t understand your skin type, your health condition or the medications and /or supplements you are taking.

Lasers are incredible devices and when used properly and in experienced, knowledgeable hands, they can help halt or turn back the clock on aging skin. Shopping around for the right place to have laser treatments performed, however, should not be about the price, but rather about the quality of the treatment, the standard of maintenance on the equipment and the expertise of the practitioner. One of my favourite sayings is from a dear friend and colleague: “shop for your shoes, not your face!”