IPLlady3Why is it necessary to have a medical background and understand medicine to perform laser therapy?

Simply, to avoid complications! And if complications do arise, to know both what to do and what not to do.

The practitioner needs to understand your medical history and any medications and/or supplements you may be taking to avoid complications with laser therapy.

Yes, even laser hair removal is laser therapy!

It is not usually recommended to have these treatments if you have a tan, or are planning on being in the sun soon after treatment. And if you have darker skin, more precautions must be taken.

Other questions to ask about the lasers and of the provider include:

  • How much training has the practitioner had? – this goes for medical and non-medical practitioners as well.
  • What kind of devices are being used? Were they purchased used or new? Are they being rented? Serviced regularly?
  • Are they willing to refer you to another practitioner who has a different device that may be better suited to your particular issue?