From the makers of the best selling electric toothbrush Sonicare,

The Clarisonic Pro Face and Body brush is truly amazing and we really feel it is necessary to spread the word in the name of clean, healthy, vibrant skin!

Basically, the Clarisonic is a cleansing tool that helps to rid the skin of make up, dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other environmental toxins. This crucial first step in skin care allows for better penetration of serums, lotions and/or medicines that we use to treat acne, aging, rosacea etc.

Key facts about the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body Brush:

  • Stimulates skin and offers deep pore cleansing
  • Safe and gentle even for rosacea and sensitive complexions
  • Minimizes pores which eliminates the need for heavier makeup to hide imperfections
  • Waterproof – mine lives in my shower!
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Travel friendly
  • Has a convenient drying stand that converts to a charging station
  • Can be used with any skin care product you have at home
  • Body brush expertly exfoliates skin – perfect for sunless tanning
  • Eliminates need for expensive microdermabrasions

All this and a three year warranty too!  Try it!  We know you’ll love it!