exilisWe thought long and hard before we shared this next local service. It’s certainly not the sort of thing we’d normally divulge except to our closest friends. And it’s a bit outside our usually editorial scope.  You see, we’ve been having the fat melted away from our stubborn mummy tummy…there, that feels good to get off our chest. Or our stomach, as it were.

We’re firm believers in the benefits of eating right and exercising, but no matter what we’ve tried our little mummy tummy has stuck with us. So when we first heard about the Exilis (aka ‘fat-melting’) machine we were both intrigued and sceptical. Could radiofrequency treatments really tighten skin and reshape our “fat deposits”? Well, after a series of treatments we’re converts, and yes, it truly does what it says in a non-invasive, non-painful way, with no recovery time needed. Our tummy is a whisper of its former self and our waist has more definition. Kind of like before baby.

We were introduced to Exilis at La Derma Medical Aesthetics, a new clinic in downtown Vancouver that was started by a local mum, Helen Zambus. Zambus is a registered nurse and a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and the Dermatology Nurses Association, and she also has a background as a licensed aesthetician. As a new entrepreneur, she’s excited about her clinic and is all about helping others feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Exilis is the offshoot of a machine that was originally used for physiotherapy, until physio patients noticed the positive side effects. Exilis works by flushing your lymphatic system. Basically the machine heats up the targeted area on your body with different settings for skin tightening or reducing fat deposits. In order to experience its maximum effects you need to drink lots of water before and after your treatments and be relatively active post treatment to keep things moving.

We know it all sounds a bit too good to be true, and time (each session takes at least an hour and you need at least four) and price (you’ll need to budget at least $1200) aside, we can’t honestly see any downsides. And the rumour is the tightening and fat loss is permanent, barring any future excessive weight gain.

And while we may be over sharing, we’re not going to show you our before and after pictures. However if you check out the photos on the La Derma site we can attest to their veracity, ours are there and you’re welcome to try and guess which ones they are. But we will confirm or deny nothing!